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Stefano Valentini x Reader: Facade - Chapter 6 :iconangelicmikasa:AngelicMikasa 10 6
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Stefano Valentini x Reader: Facade - Chapter 5
Current Time: December 24th, 2015
[Vinny]: Oh man, (Name). I’m tired of waiting in this line to get into the club. I’m thinking about just trying to sneak in around back with the guys lol!
[Me]: Mhm, we’ll see where that gets you, haha. I’d recommend not getting arrested tonight, Vincent.
[Vinny]: Awww, are you saying you wouldn’t come bail me out? You’re so mean, (Name)! Well, we’ll probably be standing out here for a while now… there’s still plenty of people ahead of us. Damn, I wish this place wasn’t so popular!
[Me]: That’s exactly why I’m not there right now. It’s too cold to be standing outside right now for hours on end… plus that means the place is packed!
[Vinny]: Yeah, yeah… it’d be more fun if you were here
:iconangelicmikasa:AngelicMikasa 11 1
Stefano Valentini x Reader: Facade - Chapter 4
Current Time: December 19th, 2015
Tired eyes creaked open, the blur of the dark room surrounding you filling your vision. You parted your lips, a gurgling mumble leaving your throat as you lifted your head slightly from your pillow to give a quick look around the darkened room. You blinked slowly, trying to rid the blur from your eyes as you fumbled around for the phone that rested upon your bedside table. Once you had the device within your fingers, you slowly brought the illuminated screen to your face, just barely able to make out the time: 4:33 A.M. It was only now that your mind began to register what exactly had woken you—the loud, rhythmic thumping coming from the floor beneath you, and the feeling of your bed vibrating along to the beat of the incessant music. You rolled your eyes, tossing your phone into the wrinkles of your bedsheets as you brought yourself to sit upright; th
:iconangelicmikasa:AngelicMikasa 10 1
Stefano Valentini x Reader: Facade - Chapter 3
Current Time: December 2nd, 2015
Here’s Johnny!”
You cuddled further underneath your blanket upon the couch as you popped yet another piece of buttery popcorn into your maw, your eyes locked on to the screen in front of you. You had a horrible habit of watching horror movies late in the evening, with each and every light within your apartment turned off—this added to the already intense paranoia that you experienced, and it gave you a rush of adrenaline that you had taken an odd liking to. Every little sound that your apartment made, be it a small creak of shifting wood, an occasional whistle of wintery wind rushing alongside your closed windows, or the paranoia-induced rattle of a doorknob, made a shiver crawl along your spine; it was something that you couldn’t stop yourself from enjoying, even if your mind was continuously objecting to such a notion.
:iconangelicmikasa:AngelicMikasa 12 8
Stefano Valentini x Reader: Facade - Chapter 2
Current Time: November 27th, 2015
A low groan passed your lips as the sound of your alarm rung within your ears, and you curled your fingers into your pillow as you buried your head beneath it. As much as you prayed for the incessant noise to cease, you eventually gave a defeated sigh and reached your right arm over, your digits dancing across the bedside table in search of the whining phone. Eventually you felt the smooth screen beneath your fingertips, and you hastily dragged it towards you—you poked your head out from underneath the pillow for only a moment so you could swipe your thumb properly across the screen and mute the alarm, and then hummed in relief once silence filled your apartment again. You allowed your eyes to flutter shut once more, eagerly embracing the sleep that was attempting to claim you as its own… but wait, what time had you seen upon the screen of your p
:iconangelicmikasa:AngelicMikasa 11 4
Stefano Valentini x Reader: Facade - Chapter 1
Pairing: Stefano Valentini x Reader/Female Protagonist (18+)
Rating: Mature (M)
Warnings: Alcohol consumption
Notes: Author’s Notes will be included at the end of each chapter to provide insight to certain topics, events, and ideals. Warnings will be chapter-specific, and will be included at the beginning of each chapter.
Current Time: November, 2015
“…no matter how much one takes in this most recent work of – should I dare call it such – art, the vision of it is nothing short of dull, incomprehensibly bland, and incredibly awkward to look at. Despite the populous continuously declaring his artistic vision as deranged, nightmarish, and abhorrent, the photographer seemingly carries on—but for how much longer?
Though Mr. Valentini possesses a decent ability in producing photography, his vision and what he deems ‘beautiful’ is incredibly lac
:iconangelicmikasa:AngelicMikasa 17 9
Stefano Valentini by SiniiApelsin Stefano Valentini :iconsiniiapelsin:SiniiApelsin 91 4
Mature content
Lucas Baker x Reader (Commission): Game of Life :iconangelicmikasa:AngelicMikasa 6 4
Stefano (The Evil Within) by SiniiApelsin Stefano (The Evil Within) :iconsiniiapelsin:SiniiApelsin 111 6 Truestory 77 by s0s2 Truestory 77 :icons0s2:s0s2 172 76 Miles Upshur by horizer Miles Upshur :iconhorizer:horizer 74 12 Overflow by amsin-indigoswallow Overflow :iconamsin-indigoswallow:amsin-indigoswallow 38 4



I'll be working on my Wild Wasteland comic today.  Can't believe it's been a year since I last did a page. :T

  • Reading: Wiseguy
  • Playing: Mass Effect 3, Naruto


Kelly B. Goode
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Personal Quote: "Wherever I am, I'm angry."


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